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Tree Removal Services in Pompano Beach, FL

Trees are oftentimes an invaluable asset for a property, yet sometimes they can be a liability. Most of the times, in suburban landscapes and private properties, trees are surrounded by vegetation, outdoor structures and hardscapes, not to mention that they might be very close to the house or garage in smaller sized landscapes.

Sometimes trees need to be removed because they pose a threat to the surrounding vegetation or structures – they are old, damaged or diseased, risking falling during the next storm. Other times, even if they are healthy, some trees need to be removed to allow other types of vegetation to thrive. A third case when tree removal is necessary is when a tree is alive and healthy, but it interferes with the health of other trees / plants or if it threatens buildings, hardscapes, utilities or wires.

Tree removal is a highly technical and dangerous job which cannot be performed in the lack of heavy and specialized machinery. The safe and correct removal of a tree requires professional workers, plenty of safety measures, competitive equipment and an A-to-Z checklist of perfectly ordered and mandatory tasks starting with the first tree and area assessment and ending with the last stump removed from your property.

Integrated Tree Removal Services

  • Initial evaluation: an efficient and safe tree removal depends on the state and health of the tree, the conditions and architecture of your landscape, the soil type and state, the surrounding vegetation and structures, and the tree’s branches state and architecture.
  • Finding alternatives: after the initial assessment, we will talk to you about our findings and offer you a full picture related to the tree removal or other alternatives to such an endeavor. If your beloved tree is alive and healthy but presents structural weakness, we can find together some cabling and bracing solutions to allow its thriving without endangering the vegetation or structures. We firmly believe in tree care and maintenance and if we can help you keep your trees we will offer you the proper advice.
  • Removing the tree: if there is no alternative but removing the tree, we will use our hi-tech machinery and professional workers to remove the tree and leave everything behind in a neat, clean and safety state.

Don’t let your trees become a liability and have they safely removed to allow other vegetation species to mature and thrive! We offer specialized tree removal techniques that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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