Water and Fertilizer, leave no blade Untouched

To insure your yard to continue to look amazing day after day can be extremely difficult. That’s why we have to work together to make your yard one of the nicest in the area. Between water and fertilizer, leave no blade untouched. It will be somewhat difficult due to the large swings in weather patterns common to our area. The right Florida lawn care plan can be the solution. Keeping your lawn healthy as the temperatures continue to go up is possible, but we’ll both have to give it bit of extra love and attention throughout these hotter summer months. We will alert you to any areas that may need extra attention.

Watering well is the first important step and most people don’t understand what it takes to water a lawn. Start by watering during the cooler morning hours when there is less evaporation. Some people believe that watering at night is a great solution but that is simply not the case. Evening watering encourages fungus growth which can lead to radical problems. The key is to give your lawn about a half inch of water every two or three days. Twice a week is usually enough to keep your lawn green and healthy. We will let you know if your lawn needs a drink or two more then it’s getting. If we are getting a lot of rain of course you can cut back on it for a bit.

Fertilizing will give your lawn that extra shot which will make it stand out from all of your neighbors. you can fertilize your lawn at any time during the growing season. Make sure however that your lawn is well established and choose a fertilizer that will be self releasing over a period of time. Read the instructions carefully and make sure you water well right after you fertilize. If you need any assistance give us a shout and we can do the job for you. Keep coming back to our website and check for the specials we have from time to time throughout the year.

Leave the rest up to us. We will give you a cutting schedule that is best for your lawn. We usually recommend that it gets mowed at 2 to 3 inches in height. It’s important to mow on a regular basis as the blade should never be cut more than a third of it’s height at any given time.

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