The Majesty that is the Canary Island Date Palm

Also know to some people as the Pineapple Palm. The tree is easily recognized by it’s crown of leaves and trunk characteristics. When the tree is pruned properly, the bottom of the crown seems to have a pineapple appearance. It’s not uncommon to see the Canary Island Date Palm, pruned and trimmed to enhance it’s appearance. The Tree is quite beautiful and elegant once this service is preformed. We here at Sunlight Landscaping are pros at trimming the Canary Island palm the right way.

The Canary Island Date Palm is a beautiful stately palm that comes from a group of islands off the coast of Africa called of course the Canary Islands. These beautiful trees have been used to landscape the most beautiful stately homes and businesses throughout the world. A full grown tree could easily cost $20,000 or more.

These trees produce A date fruit that is edible but not what this tree is mostly known for. They are best known for their stately look and adorning some of the most beautiful homes and businesses across the world. The palm comes from the Phoenix Lineage and is equipped with sharp needle pointed thorns which run up along the leaf stem. The tree stands by itself and needs no introduction, it is usually found in all the main resorts and cosmopolitan centers across many tropical and sub tropical areas. The palm makes a wonderful specimen for anyone who wants to make a statement of elegance. As a small tree it needs a lot of meticulous attention but when fully grown offers a more stable easy to maintain routine.

Once the tree has matured as long as it is watered regularly and fertilized three to four times a year it will easily grow to a stately size and crown its top with large 19-15 foot long deep green leaves which spiral around it giving the tree it’s stately crown.

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