The Infamous Southern Chinch Bug

If you live in Florida and have a lawn you’ve probably heard of the infamous Southern Chinch Bug. It’s a small insect pest that loves St. Augustine grass. St. Augustine grass is one of the most popularly used turfs is South Florida and grows throughout the southern United States.

The Chinch Bug is a tiny pest rarely measuring over 6 mm in length. which causes millions of dollars in damage per year. Homeowners fight to control Chinch bug outbreaks with insecticides or total replacement of damaged grass. Scientists have been working desperately to develop more economical effective control techniques. So far the most common is a chemical pest control application.

The Southern Chinch Bugs preference to St. Augustinegrass has made it the second most expensive arthropod in Florida. It thrives in warm weather especially in the summer time when it’s warm and damp. Infestations usually peak in early July. The insect typically spends it’s winters in a temporary dormant condition in Northern Florida but remains active in South Florida all year long. They remain sheltered under ground around the roots and base of the plant. Therefor the insect never has to leave it’s feeding grounds.

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