Saint Augustine Grass

One of the most popular grasses found in South Florida is St. Augustine Grass. A warm season turf grass which is extremely fast growing. It is one of the most common grasses found here in South Florida and always does well in well drained soils. For a really healthy lawn you’re going to need adequate irrigation and regular fertilization. It has a high tolerance to saline irrigation and brackish water and has the best tolerance for shade of all grasses in South Florida. It is however not very tolerant to freezing temperatures but cold weather rarely presents itself in this area. St. Augustine grass has a coarse wide leaf with a rather poor wear tolerance which may present a problem in some applications.

Cultivars of St. Augustine Grass duffer in their resistance to plant pests. A Cultivar is a plant variety that has been produced in cultivation by selective breeding such as St. Augustine Grass. There are only a couple of breeds which are tolerant to the common southern chinch bug. Only the brands Floridalawn and Floratam seem to have any resistance value. Additionally the sod web worm along with the fungal diseases brown patch and grey leaf spot can also cause damage.

Proper lawn management is essential to avoid plant and pest problems to acquire the highest quality turf grass. If you’d like to have the nicest lawn on the block give us a call and ask about our fertilization programs. Sunlight Landscaping has a number of packages and a special promotion going on right now. Give us a call and ask about our specials today!

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