Hurricane Season is Starting to Heat Up

Well you’ve already waited too long. Hurricane season is starting to heat up and we’ve already had a couple of close calls. It’s been over a decade since the last damaging storm but if you keep your fingers and your toes crossed maybe we’ll have another do nothing year. In addition to all the things you need to do to prepare your home for the possibility of high hurricane winds and torrential rain, there are still things you need to do to protect your landscaping too.

Trees and young trees especially are vulnerable to high winds. If you have any new trees that are still staked, make sure the stakes are driven down a little deeper while making sure the tie downs are strong and secure. If you’ve recently removed the stakes you should consider re-staking them so they don’t blow over. Don’t wait until the storm is at your door. I know it’s a pain but go ahead, you’re young and yard work is good for your anyway. Do it now. You’ll be happy you did unless we have one of those, once every ten year storms.

Make sure your shutters, awnings, or what ever is where you last remember storing it. Check to see if you have all the hardware you need. If you have a newer home hopefully you have impact resistant windows. What a great invention! The key is being prepared.

Take note of what you have in the yard that will become a projectile. What you have to move and think of a place to store it. Even if it’s inside your house for now. Lawn furniture, garbage cans, flower pots, hanging baskets, tools, garden art, compost bins, swing sets, bicycles, your mother in law, tools, bicycles bird feeders, barbecue grills, toys, dog houses and accessories. Just take a walk around and scout it out. Don’t panic, it’s probably time to clean your yard anyway.

Don’t forget about hazardous chemicals. Cleaning products, pesticides, motor oil and fuel should be stored in areas that are secure. Always place these products as high as possible in case of flooding, you won’t want to see the problems these things can cause in a flood.

When you hear a storm is approaching you’ll have some time. If we haven’t done your lawn lately call us to get a cut in asap. Once the storm hits flooding will occur and who knows how long it will take to dissipate. Shorter grass will also make it easier to wash or rake debris from your lawn once the storm passes.

Don’t forget how life is. If you are real prepared nothing will probably happen. If you’re not, you know that mother nature has a strange sense of humor.

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