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Here are some great Lawn Care Tips that will keep your lawn looking great. The big issue with your lawn in South Florida will be excessive heat and lack of water. Watering regularly often takes care of the heat problem but there are often a variety of watering restrictions in most areas. Look into the laws concerning water use in your area before you start, then work on a formula to work within the rules so you can develop deep roots and a heat resistant lawn.

Also let us develop a plan to work within the guidelines so your lawn can be beautiful all year long. We can give your lawn year-round care through our fertilization program to help it withstand the worst of South Florida’s sometimes harsh weather conditions.

How much water does your lawn need?

Your lawn will need more frequent watering during the hot, dry weather months. Water restrictions make it more difficult but it is manageable. Try to water only when necessary but here are some tips to remember.

  • Water deeply and less frequently encourages the roots to grow deeper and help the plant tolerate drought.
  • Try to water early in the morning because the plants will be taking in water then. During the heat of the day you will loose more water to evaporation then the grass will be able to take in. Try to give your lawn approximately 3/4 inch of water once a week. Increase the watering to two days a week during the hotter days of the summer.
  • Water deeply will allow you to water less frequently and encourages the plants roots to grow creating a healthier plant.
  • Don’t water at night. Water will stay on the leaves longer and encourage fungal diseases.
  • Keep in mind our rainy season during the summer. If it rains all week you can skip it.

Try this test to see if you’re doing things right. Walk over your lawn and look to see if your leaving any footprints. If you don’t see anything your doing A OK. If you have any questions concerning your lawn give “Fong” a call at Sunlight Landscape. He’s a pro and can answer any of your questions. You’ll have the nicest lawn on the block in no time.“The Grass is always greener when Sunlight is on your side. “

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